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Player NetBit Ground is not just for mobile devices. Anywhere, for free. Pub Mobile provides the fastest free multiplayer display on your phone. Come on, play gear and compete. Avoid competing with the epic 100 player and go into a fast 4v4 team deadly and zombie mode. The last one is a winner. Be one!

Mobile Game of the Year – Gold Joyce Award
Great game of 2019. Google Play Awards

Free on mobile. Console plays standard games on the go. HD graphics and 3D sound that release samsung. Custom mobile controls, training modes and voice is chat. 4. Equipped with unrealistic engine
Extremely large battle maps – from sea tundra to cities to cities and gade forests to four sizeable areas and time – fight in four unique battlefields. Manage the secrets of each battle to create your strategic vision to win.

Th Length and variety – singles, doubles and 4 players. FPS (first person shooter) and TPS (third-party shooter), classic arcade modes and lightning, and an arsenal of real weapons and vehicles. 4v4 with Team Deathmatch and Zombie Mode.

Freshness and beauty – you do. With open hands, with leaves or spikes. Run and shoot guns or shadows. Is it your duty? Living with the necessary resources. Every minute, day, fifteen, a team of Black Ops.

Home Future – Daily Events and Challenges, Monthly Updates Pub offers new features and game modes that are always on the rise.

A fixed Internet connection is required.
Recommends system requirements for PubMobile: Android 5.1.1 or later and at least 2 GB of memory.
Pubg Mobile
Last year the PUBG player entered unfamiliar territory and has become a real sensation. On the level, war games have left the original game behind.

The game is well prepared. PUBG is a great game for your computer hunt. Unfortunately, its presence at the mobile level has declined slightly. Great features like subtle effects and lighting aren’t so great in this case. There are good reasons for this. Otherwise, this device must be very powerful and the device becomes more expensive. Therefore, all the components of PC games are very important for the hardware. As a result, we do not see them in this version. But there is good news. Heroes, weapons and nature look great. Perhaps the fabric is characterized by low resolution. But can you make an accurate estimate of your small screen? In fact, it is very important to listen to distracting voices, voices and voices, and to understand the enemy’s position, noise and uncertainty.

Play Bubble Shooter
The player is represented by a soldier who brings together another character. There is no weapon at the beginning, so it is expected that the characters meet in a circle. The game map is initially very good, but then varies due to the storm. This concept is easy to describe, but over time developers can make it more difficult. They are expected.

The shooter doesn’t have much potential, because you don’t get many touch screen controls here. At least one player can move with a fee-based Joyce stick, slide their toes, rotate the screen, open the bag, lean, hook and pc. There is a shot, touch the floating shot button, touch a point and touch another. After some effort, it is very comfortable. All items are selected automatically, aligned and fit throughout the game. And this menu is short and simple. There are gyroscopic control options.

Replay value
If you have trouble with shooting games and some episodes, you will probably use playback, but usually not playback cache.

The result.
We think this is a great game for mobile devices that attracts attention. There is a tension that escapes you. You never know what the next enemy will be like. Learn to respond quickly and carefully. If you don’t need graphics, you’ll love this game because it’s different from other similar games.

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