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StreamKar is a live streaming application for making video calls and making friends with strangers. Stream kicker is a dynamic video animating social application. Communicate directly and befriend strangers.
Top monetization requests on the Play Store
M10M user. 10M is going to download
Available in 100+ countries

Win expensive gifts every day and fund your dreams online. You can watch live videos from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Philippines, Morocco and more. You can join the live stream and enjoy live video games and live games from anywhere in the world. Anyone can demonstrate his special abilities and become famous in his friends and the world. Songs, dances, food, chatting, travel and gaming can all be shown. Link your account with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ now.

Extra and unique features:

Safe environment and clean materials:
Rim streamer creates a safe environment where our users, men and women feel safe and can be harassed or abused. For our law enforcement and enforcement, section care 24-hour monitoring service and filtering of content that people may enjoy.

Find your dreams and support yourself:
અમારા Our streamers can go online and fulfill their dreams by being efficient. Thousands of people, especially women, have found a way to collaborate with themselves and their families using our app. We’re very proud of it and we want all of our customers to see Streamkar as a dream creator.

Live video chat, meet new friends:
Live streaming live video for free. Showcase talent, live music, dance and more.
Followers make a profit by showing their followers their abilities.
Share live video and become popular on live social media.

Stream live and become a famous superstar
Rim lives for 24 hours on Boys & Girls Stream kar
2000 More than 2000 people live streaming daily. Make friends and call them directly.
Chat online chat with girls or boys from all over the world.
Show kairoke songs and your singing skills, talk about life and learn foreign languages with your new friends.

Free video call, audio deo chat and chat
Watch a live video or join any streamer room and talk to them on 1 video 1 or an audio demo call.
Use the Multi Guest feature to create groups of 6 people and talk to them in groups.

Impressive gifts
Show your appreciation by sending virtual gifts to broadcasters. There are many great gifts to send in different sizes. By sending a gift, you can gain bonus levels and gain access to rewards
Friends influence your friends and impline, sending popular, lucky, unique and beautiful gifts to boys, girls

Beauty filters and stickers:
Turs filters and stickers can be used directly in a range of cats, mice, beads and queens, masks and fancy glasses and more. Beauty face filter, white, face lift, big eyes.

Be special and special
Become a VIP and show off your value to others by getting extra features. As the badge rank increases. Video Audio Dio
Be the caretaker of your favorite boy or cute girl on the stream kar.

PK Challenge and Game
Vote for your favorite streamer favorite and win it by sending a gift. Retail should be daring. You dare take it and watch it live.
asure treasure hunt Try your luck. Many wonderful gifts for you by opening bronze silver and gold breasts.

Lucky Money:
Luck’s Lucky Money feature gives the car the most unique and expensive gift from its customers in a lucky draw for just 10 coins a day. Free Gifts include android smartphones for Samsung, Vivo, Oppo, Ready, iPhone and more and bring them home. Street car specials such as gift bag packs, special entrances and more.

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